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The Full Cupboard Of Life

The Full Cupboard Of Life

Smith, Alexander McCall
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Following a distinguished career as a Professor of Medical Law, Alexander McCall Smith has turned to writing full-time. He is the author of over sixty books on a wide array of subjects and his books have been translated into forty-six languages. He lives in Edinburgh with his wife.

Forget the library - the body is in the mud hut. An African Marple created by a Scottish law lecturer. - Stephen McGinty, The Sunday Times

McCall Smith's familiar tone of wry amusement permeates the narrative, as does the detective's wisdom...hugely enjoyable. - Sunday Times

This is art that conceals art. I haven't read anything with such unalloyed pleasure for a long time. - Anthony Daniels, Sunday Telegraph

Highly amusing, intelligent and heart-warming. - Scotland on Sunday

McCall Smith is a natural born storyteller, filling his prose with rhythm and repetition Charming, quirky and timeless. - Scotland on Sunday

Mma Ramotswe, who became engaged to Mr J.L.B. Matekoni at the end of the first book, is still engaged. She wonders when a day for the wedding will be named, but she is anxious to avoid putting too much pressure on her fiance. For indeed he has other things on his mind - notably a frightening request made of him by Mma Potokwani, the pushy matron of the Orphan Farm.

Mma Ramotswe herself has weighty matters on her mind. She has been approached by a wealthy lady - whose fortune comes from successful hair-braiding salons - and has been asked to check up on several suitors. Are these men just interested in her money? This may be difficult to find out, but Mma Ramotswe is, of course, a very intuitive lady