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Waterfire Saga: Deep Blue-Book 1

Waterfire Saga: Deep Blue-Book 1

Donnelly, Jennifer
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A completely captivating world beneath the waves which is set to become an exciting new Disney project. - Guardian

... a fantastic start to what should be an epic series and I can't wait to read the next books! - Guardian Customer Review

Magic, evil, and adventure abound in this story. -

Donnelly's effective characterizations, action-packed plotting, and willingness not to take herself too seriously may have won me over to mermaid books after all. -

A mesmerising story. - Financial Times

Donnelly captures period and place with almost supernatural skill, and even the most minor of characters are so vivid that you find yourself talking out loud to them. - Sunday Telegraph

A master of pacing and plot - Washington Post

Jennifer Donnelly is one of the most uniquely gifted authors working in the world today. - The Strand

Jennifer Donnelly is a bestselling writer for adults and children. Her first young adult novel, A Gathering Light, won the Carnegie Medal in 2003, as well as receiving several awards in the US including the Los Angeles Times Book Prize. Her adult work includes The Tea Rose, The Winter Rose and The Wild Rose.

When Serafina, a mermaid of the Mediterranean Sea, awakens on the morning of her betrothal, her biggest worry should be about reuniting with handsome Prince Mahdi, her childhood crush. Instead she finds herself haunted by strange dreams foretelling the return of an ancient evil, and dealing with the deaths of her parents as assassins storm the betrothal ceremony, plunging the city into chaos.

Led only by her shadowy dreams and pursued by the invading army, Serafina and her best friend Neela embark on a quest to avenge her parents' death and prevent a war between the mer nations. In the process they discover a plot that threatens their - and our - world's very existence.