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Journeys With the Black Dog-Inspirational stories of bringing depression to heel

Journeys With the Black Dog-Inspirational stories of bringing depression to heel

Parker, Gordon
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Autobiographical stories written by sufferers of depression open the lid on this insidious and often silent disease and chart the journey from first onset to successful management. Inspiring and insightful reading from people who know exactly what it means to bring the black dog to heel.

Depression can be a dark and lonely experience: sharing with a friend can make all the difference.

In Journeys with the Black Dog many people share their stories of living with depression. Personal stories of first symptoms, the path to getting diagnosed, the confusion and frustration, and all the many ways of keeping depression at bay whatever it takes.

Written with raw honesty and sharp humour, these stories demonstrate it is possible to gain control over depression. Journeys with the Black Dog is genuinely inspiring reading for anyone who suffers from depression and those who care for them.

'These stories provide inspiration, wise counsel, and hope.' - Anne Deveson, AO, Writer, Broadcaster and Filmmaker

'A wonderful book for anyone who has been depressed or who wants to understand depression better. It is insightful, compassionate, and invaluable.' - Kay Redfield Jamison, Professor of Psychiatry, The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

'A most important addition to the growing library of books on depression. It is written by those who have lived and experienced depression for those who want to learn more. It cuts deep and speaks to the soul as well as the intellect.' - Professor Geoff Gallop, former Premier of Western Australia


An invitation

1 The landscape of depression: Introduction to the illness

3 Into the void: Confusion and chaos at onset

3 The slippery slope: Sinking into depression

4 At the edge: Lure of the dark sirens

5 Stepping stones: Diagnosis and disclosure

6 Finding a way: The power of acceptance and responsibility

7 Roads to recovery: On seeking professional help

8 Travelling companions: Perspective of family and friends

9 Staying on Course: Stay well' strategies

10 The view from the top: Some positives

Tips from the writers on staying well



Where to from here?



Tessa Wigney is a writer, with an Honours degree in Sociology. She is undertaking a PhD at the University of New South Wales, based at the Black Dog Institute. Kerrie Eyers is a psychologist and teacher, and is the Publications Consultant at the Black Dog Institute. She is editor of Tracking the Black Dog (UNSW Press, 2006). Gordon Parker AO is Professor of Psychiatry at the University of New South Wales, and Executive Director of the Black Dog Institute. He is a mood disorders researcher with an international reputation. He authored Dealing with Depression (Allen and Unwin, 2004).