Starring Jules (Super-Secret Spy Girl)

Starring Jules (Super-Secret Spy Girl)

Keenan Higgins, Anne
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Tricks to getting through summer without your brand-new best friend by Jules Bloom

1. Play a spy girl in a movie.

2. Think of ways to have pizzazz around big-time movie stars. (Hint: mudslide stunts add pizzazz!)

3. Practise how to be stealthy, which means sneaky (which means not telling everyone every single thing that's on my mind).

4. Make good use of pen pals (even ex-best-friend pen pals can be surprisingly helpful in sticky situations).

School is out and Jules is hitting the road! She's off to Montreal where she'll film her first ever movie, The Spy in the Attic. But that means no friends around on her birthday and no birthday party. And with only a hockey player and diva starlet as cast mates in a town where no one speaks her language, Jules is feeling awfully lonely.

Good thing her best friend Elinor is sending super-secret spy missions to keep Jules busy. With a little stealth and a whole lot of gumption, she just might be able to turn her bummer summer into a blockbuster.

Beth Ain was raised in Allentown, PA, but fell in love with New York City first as a little girl after hot pretzels from a corner stand warmed her up on a cold winter day, and again later, right after she knocked the mirror off of a city bus with her trailer the day she moved in. The driver quickly forgave her and she quickly decided it was the greatest city on earth. She did eventually head for the hills of Port Washington, Long Island along with her husband and two children, where small-town life has no shortage of inspiration, and where she can see the Empire State Building on her morning run - making it pretty easy to imagine what Jules is up to over there.

In this third hilarious chapter book about Jules Bloom, Jules has to be brave about her role in a movie -- especially in the face of Emma Saxony, who turns out to be a not-so-nice teen megastar!