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Best Ever Pranks (and More!) by Frankie Fish and Drew Bird

Best Ever Pranks (and More!) by Frankie Fish and Drew Bird

Vamos, Lesley
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Do you know how to prank your friends, your family, or even your whole class â AND get away with it? Frankie Fish and Drew Bird can show you how! With help from bestselling children's author and comedian Peter Helliar, these genius pranksters have put all their¬â favourite practical jokes and mischief-making into one handy guide. The awesome Best Ever Pranks includes:

  • HEAPS of¬â best ever pranks
  • How to make the PERFECT pranks kit
  • World-famous April Foolâ´s Day jokes
  • Bonus Frankie Fish content
  • And MORE!

Did you know that pranking can save the world? With every copy sold of Best Ever Pranks, Hardie Grant Egmont will donate a percentage of the profits to the Luke Batty Foundation,¬â which works to make sure that all women and children in Australia feel safe in their homes.¬â So thanks for your help!


Since comedian Peter Helliar burst onto the scene with his bestselling childrenâ´s novel,¬â Frankie Fish and the Sonic Suitcase, readers have demanded to know more about young prankster Frankie and his best¬â friend, Drew Bird. So thatâ´s what everyone's getting for Christmas this year!¬â 

With help from Peter Helliar, genius pranksters¬â Frankie and Drew have put all their favourite pranks, jokes and mischief into one handy book.¬â If youâ´ve ever wondered how to prank your best friend, your dad, or even your whole classroom â¬â and¬â get away with it â the Prank Kings are here to show you how!¬â Featuring bonus¬â Frankie Fish¬â content and a sneak peek of the next¬â Frankie Fish¬â book, publishing in March 2018.¬â 

Winning lotto numbers are also included ⶠHa, GOTCHA!