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Melting Moments

Melting Moments

Goldsworthy, Anna
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Sometimes events occur as one might wish but sometimes they do not.

So says the ever-practical Ruby, always striving for what is right and proper, from the time we meet her as a striking soldier's fiancee through to the rather less steady years of her old age. With an eyebrow pencil in one hand and gardening shears in the other, Ruby navigates the intervening years doing her duty as a woman, allowing marriage and motherhood to fill her with purpose and pleasure - and only occasionally wondering, Is this all there is?

In her moving, captivating fiction debut, award-winning author Anna Goldsworthy recreates Adelaide and Melbourne of half a century ago, bringing a family to life as they move through the decades, challenging and caring for and loving one another, often in surprising ways. Charming and sharply observed, Melting Moments is, like Ruby herself, a gentle powerhouse.

A charming, sharply observed first novel from one of Australia's best writers

Anna Goldsworthy is the award-winning author of Piano Lessons, Welcome to Your New Life and
the Quarterly Essay Unfinished Business- Sex, Freedom and Misogyny. Her writing
has appeared in The Monthly, The Age, The Australian, the Adelaide Review and The
Best Australian Essays
. She is also a concert pianist, with several recordings to her
name, and a lecturer at the Elder Conservatorium of Music.