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A Heritage of Trees ¢Queensland Wet Tropics

A Heritage of Trees ¢Queensland Wet Tropics

Rupert Russell, Paul Curtis,Steven Nowakowski
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A profound love of nature shines through unmistakedly in the new book, â˜A Heritage of Treesâ™ ¢Queenslandâ™s Wet Tropics.

Writer and pioneer conservationist, Rupert Russell, joins with internationally recognised photographers, Paul Curtis and Steve Nowakowski, to present a remarkable collection of photographs of the trees in the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area.

Photos of ancient rainforest giants share the pages of this book with smaller trees, impressive, not for their size but for their tenacity in surviving, stunted in a harsh environment.

With 148 pages and nearly 200 photographs, this book is a beautiful representation of the trees of the worldâ™s oldest rainforest.

â˜Trees are elemental to the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area; and in this book thay are captured beautifully,â™ said the Wet Tropic Management Authorityâ˜s Executive Director, Scott Buchanan. â˜With 1261 species of trees living in the rainforest alone, this book provides a glimpse into the extraordinary diversity of these plants.â™

Publication Edition Date: 2019/12
Format: Hardback 148 pages
Dimensions: 240 mm (h) x 280 mm (w)